Sunday, April 18, 2010

Horrible Agony

It was quieter now, here in our settlement in w-space.

Over the last couple of weeks, we had a few new alliance mates joining us out here, but it soon became obvious that we had crossed the point of diminishing returns: even exploiting our daily neighbors, we were no longer able to extract enough profit. Plus, folks were starting to get stir crazy, so the new course of action is to move out of this w-space system, and find a higher class one to settle.

And if there is a thing the Frequent Flyers are good at, it’s getting things done once they have been decided: within just a few days, the majority of our combat and mining ships, as well as most of the ore, had been moved out.

But w-space didn’t intend to let us go that easily, as over the last days we just didn’t get any good exits, leaving us with naught to do.

Yesterday was another one of these evenings - all possible exits had been scanned out, and all that was left to do was shooting the breeze on Alliance comms. As people traded references to obscure pieces of modern pop culture (at some point there was even singing!), I dug up the video footage from our Agony roam last month. I had shot it primarily to evaluate my performance afterwards, so it wasn’t really visually appealing - but maybe I could make something out of it anyway.

And come to think of it - what was the song again which had just been “performed” on comms? Hmm..

...I really shouldn't be allowed near video editors late at night :) (Click on the above preview to get to the actual video page).


  1. holy sh*t you guys didn't waste a second dropping those bubbles! O_O

    It was small... couldn't see, what did you take down?

  2. Agony has excellent Interdictor pilots - I try not to think of what would happen to me should I encounter them outside of class! The primary target in this case was a Drake, which I only know because I read it in the overview (and YouTube's HD mode is not quite as HD as I hoped it would be).

    The camera work is clearly something I have to improve.