Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome To The Noble Exchange!

“Welcome, Madam, to the Noble Exchange! How may I be of service?”

“Of course, boots, this way please. I am sure Madam will be delighted by our selection.”

“If I may recommend the ‘Graeve’ boots - our latest addition, and at only 2,400 AUR quite affordable.”

“No, Madam, unfortunately I wouldn’t know about the prices of Command Ships.”

“I am afraid the ‘Graeve’ boots only come with heels. But if Madam would care to try them on - she would surely find them to her pleasing.”

“Five minutes - considering the exclusivity of our items, Madam will understand that we just can't put them on the shelves, for anybody to take.”

“Madam is correct about the safety scanner at the entrance, but one can’t be too careful in these trying times, yes?”

“Those? Those are ‘Trench’ boots, patterned after the footwear of soldiers millenia past. Crafted of genuine calfskins, reinforced around the foot and supple at the ankle, these boots won’t let you down!”

“I’m afraid that is not possible - while Madam is, well, female, these boots aren’t.”

“To my deepest regret, the question whether feet are feet is outside of my area of expertise. Now if Madam would be so kind and remove her hands from my throat?”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a Snowball Refrigeration Module is not in the line-up for the Noble Exchange. And if I may be so bold, I have my doubts it is ever going to be.”

“Madam, while I do enjoy the occasional snowball fight like the common man, may I remind Madam that the Noble Exchange deals in fashion?”

“My deepest apologies, Madam, but I really have to ask Madam to leave now.”

“A nice day to you, too, Madam.”

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