Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Year, New Year

It is funny: after all this time - tens of thousands of years - humanity was still clinging to the concept of ‘years’, including celebrations of their turnovers, when the space we had conquered no longer had a meaningful single definition of a ‘year’. But as the Amarrian Empire continues to demonstrate: traditions are stubborn. And if they involve company and hearty drink - I wholeheartedly approve!

...assuming you don’t happen to be out in deep space, with nothing but your fully-automated CovOps to keep you company, and an outpost and a distant sun as scenery.

Judging from the latest messages, things in Empire were just going fine - even the latest war dec wasn’t much of an issue: the usual wannabe-scourges looking for careless industrialists. So far, the only fallout had been Eta’s bad mood, for having to online all those POSes yet again. In other news, a certain corp member had managed to clear the slate with the rest of the alliance, and things in our 0.0 operation are smoothing out as well. I should be happy that for once the corp works without having me to push things forward...

I was about to turn my ship around, back to our POS for an evening of light reading, when my sensors showed the arrival of a HAC in my vicinity.

Friendly. And also opening an encrypted communication.

[ Hey there. Pondering deep thoughts again? ]

“Yep. Wouldn’t you?”

[ Nope. Life’s too short for that. ]

“We’re capsuleers. We’re immortal!”

[ Still - There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke. ]

I started to reply, but my visitor wasn’t finished.

[ ...But you and I, we’ve been through that and this is not our fate. So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late. ]

“Now who’s having deep thoughts here?”

[ Not me - I’m just quoting something cool. ]

I laughed.

“And what do you have in mind for this late hour, pray tell?”

[ Dunno... you probe, I shoot? ]

“Nothing but Sanshas here tonight, sweetie.”

[ Then Sanshas it’ll be. Shall we? ]

An unexpected smile spread across my face - nothing like company when you least expect it.

“Yes. Let’s.”

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