Monday, December 31, 2012

Mail Call

From: Eta Monakh
To: Druur Monakh
Date: 20.12.114 YC
Subject: Sound Off!

Hey Sis,

I haven’t seen you around in a while, and you haven’t exactly been writing much either (courier contracts don’t count!). I know you haven’t been a complete sloth, so - what’s up?

On our end of things, it’s just the same-old industrial stuff. Though it seems that our WH expats have been doing some improvements to their PI colonies, so that they’re now reaching out to us for the final processing steps. Some extra work for us, but we get a cut of the profits, so it’s good.



PS. Like the tattoo!


From: Druur Monakh
To: Eta Monakh
Date: 30.12.114 YC
Subject: Re: Sound Off!

Sorry, sorry,

It hadn’t been a completely successful month, so I didn’t feel much like chatting. Plus, I had been distracted with ... other things, which I can’t talk about right. Ok, don’t want to. At least not until I know whether they’ll pan out or not.

Another downside was that though I did manage to go on two roams this month (and missed a third - bad me!), I wasn’t quite in the mood to write them up. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t fun: on the cruiser roam I pretty much broke even . We even had a newly minted alumnus on that roam, who had passed PvP Basic just the week before - she did really well!

And two weeks before: the PvP Basic class roam! Gods, it had been ages that I had been out with a frigate mob! It was great fun - of course we whelped at least once , but that is to be expected. The roam ended in a massive brawl with the RvB Ganked fleet, who happened to be out at the same time.

But probably the best thing which happened (sadly I don’t remember on which roam it was) was after one of the big fights, with us limping home in a fleet consisting mostly of rookie ships, when we came across a Naga. We still had some fast tackle with us, which nabbed the Naga, and we proceeded to shoot it, just because.

And the Naga pilot... ejected! He probably didn’t want to face the ridicule of having a loss against a bunch of rookie ships!

So, there you have it - my life this month in a nutshell. NY Eve I’ll try to spend in Umokka, for the fireworks show, and then, if I don’t oversleep, the Agony roam on the next day. After that ... we’ll see. Finally buying ship fittings, at least (I hates it).



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