Tuesday, April 30, 2013


        "On the left side, we have moss, and rocks.
         On the right side, we have more rocks, and moss. And a power line."
          -- CCP Guard

"Well, how was it?", asked Eta.

'It' was the yearly Impetus Holoreel Convention, an event which in recent years had found interest by both capsuleers and baseliners. For baseliners, it was great entertainment. For capsuleers, and owing to a massive contingent of security forces, it was the closest they had for neutral grounds; a place to both discuss and socialize across allegiances and sec-status. For me, it had been a first in more ways than one. Of course Eta was curious.

Never mind that I had only just returned, and frankly still hadn't fully recovered yet.

"Well?" she repeated.

Despite my tiredness, or maybe because of it, images and emotions of the last week flashed through mind.

... slight anxiety beforehand that I wouldn't fit in, independent FW rookie I was.
... somewhat lonely first two days.
... a workout session, organized by a Brutor, and fittingly named "Warrior Fitness", which had my arms and shoulders still hurting.
... suddenly finding myself in bars and cafes with pilots both known and unknown, sharing stories.
... discussions about all aspects of a pilot's life.
... a late night in a bar, the music of a local band blasting through my ears and stomach.
... impromptu dinners with pilots who otherwise would have served me only shells out of the business ends of their cannons.
... talks on equal level with high-ranking DED officials.
... posing for a picture with a cute bar tend, stage blood on my face, and getting the next drink free.
... almost embarrassingly long chats with aforementioned Brutor and his three lady friends.
... drifting through the final party and recognizing people who before were just anonymous faces.
... and renewed enthusiasm to undock and fly the dark skies.

How to reasonably summarize all this and more?

I shrugged my shoulders lightly, and gave Eta what I hoped was a teasingly nonchalant smile.

"It was good."

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