Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quiet Time

The Scan Probes sped away into the dark of space, and on the screen the intriguing dance of the scan signals began. After a few seconds, the dance ended and with a *beep* the system announced ... nothing.

After a bit over a month in our home away from home, we were again going through a dry spell; where all the good sites appear to spawn in other w-space systems, just not ours. But after the excitement of the last weeks, a bit of down time will do us good - and I’m not just talking about the excitement incurred by a juicy ABC belt.

Being in low-level w-space always has the disadvantage of curious people poking their noses in, and while we don’t mind visitors that much, they better stay away from our sites. About three times in the last weeks we had to show our grim side, and while it wasn’t always successful, our esprit-de-corps was greatly strengthened. It helps that our alliance has recently switched from CVA-NRDS to NBSI - though for us industrials it will probably always be more a case of NB-Can Shoot If Really Unavoidable.

But it’s not all work and battle in our home - our ever-changing exits sometimes lead into interesting areas, like recently when our scouts brought back the news that we had an exit to Gateway - yes, that Gateway . Of course our little band gathered together and we went for a little trip, visiting the famous EVE Gate.

Should you happen to be in that area, definitely give it a visit.