Sunday, September 21, 2014


One second.

In everyday life, you wouldn’t even think about a measly second. What would it matter if you got your drink one second later?

In space, it’s different.

In space, the second - or even half-second - between broadcasting a target, and shooting the target can be essential.

Essential to your own survival, that is.

And yet that’s what I had done - broadcasting target designations even when those targets encroached my own ship. And later, pod.

I slumped back against the cushions in my quarters, my hand lazily resting a glass on a table. Some robot would refill it, eventually.

This hadn’t been what I had signed up for, that many years ago. I had had images of being hero tackle in my mind, of being the bold pilot executing the kill shot on Titan. Not images of managing fleet composition, nor of handling the continual broadcasting.

But yet the FCs appeared to have appreciated my efforts.

The glass in my hand felt heavier now - thanks to the automated servitors in my quarters - and I raised it to my lips. For a moment I was tempted to open my eyes, to track the trajectory of the glass, but I already knew that this clone’s vision in her right eye had diminished. No need to rub it in yet again. And so what? What if I could no longer be the pilot I set out to be?

One second.

And many more seconds after that.

It wasn’t about how long they lasted, or how many there would be.

It was about making them count.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Long Distance Relationship

”Hey there!“

”Yes, of course it’s me - your sunshine from the other end of New Eden!“

”I know, I know, it’s been a while. Which is why I called today - I missed you.“

”Yep, I’m growing it out again. It...“

”Oh, really?“ chuckles ”You’re right - I didn’t even think of that when I chose the cut. My subconscious strikes again!“

”Maayybe - I can always dial it back to something more subtle. But I needed a change, so I went with it.“

”Oh, by the way, I got new ink as well - want to see?“

”That’s a longer story - I’ll tell you next time we get together.“

”Ok, ok, the nutshell version: remember when we last met? Couple days later acquaintances from my past contacted me, asking me to consult for two weeks with a planetside project. Security, hush-hush, that kind of thing. A break from losing ships sounded tempting, so I agreed. Well… two weeks became eight, and it ended rather badly; but somehow I had become accepted into their team of baseliners, and they insisted that I get it.“

”Thanks. I like it, too.“

”Well, where to begin…. you remember the Alliance Tournament?“

”Yes, that one, where I again almost didn’t get to fly, if it hadn’t been for the double elimination format.“

”Thanks, but really - I was just a grunt in that effort, due to various reasons. I’m glad that GG even let me fly in the first place…“

”…you’d think, and you wouldn’t be wrong either. But once the alliance got going, everybody had this energy. Like you have in a new relationship - active, googly eyed, and all that. So we deployed to Tasti - to give near-FW low-sec a try, bond, and all that.“

”Yes, for a while it really worked. Heck, even Kitten came back! …though she made it clear that she was there just for the sec tags.“

”… no, we’re good, but she’s seeing somebody else now. ...aanyway, while for a very short time we had control of the system, enthusiasm faded, mismatched expectations surfaced, and eventually people were doing stuff on their own again. You know how it is - people drop off, until you have a minimal core of pilots left.

“Which is good in one way, since you know who you can rely on; but also bad, in that you are at a point where you don’t have enough folks to get anything done.”

“Yeah, lessons learned, and all that. So, now we’re taking the lessons from Tasti, redeploy to a new area, and are going to be more discretionary in hiring new folks, and I intend to be more involved with any nublets.”

“I know - knock on wood, and all that. But enough of me - how’s it for you?”

“Again? Sorry.”

“They did? Jeesh, they are really hardline on war losses now, are they?! I mean, I can understand the rationale, but still…”

“Right, right, I left. But I still can have my jaded opinion, yes?”


“Ouch. Really? Ever since the market liberalization act? But I thought you did so well there, with your Prospect effort?”

“I… I really don’t know what to say there. But if your CEO is really AWOL … coup d’etat?”

“Yeah, yeah, I wouldn’t either. Been there, done that.”

“Tell you what, I’ll keep some assets in your area. I was thinking of consolidating, now that I live elsewhere, but in your case…”

“No worries, you helped me enough already. I’m glad about every opportunity to pay some of it back. But - not to change subject or anything - how’s it going with the boy?”

“Glad to hear - that makes at least one of us.”

“Oh - you think it’s going to work out?”

“Well, I wish you the best of luck then.”

“No, nothing here. There was … but never mind. Less said, the better. Instead I've been flying more again.”

"I know, it's hard to believe!"

"Hit and miss - though mostly miss. But practice makes the mistress, right?"

"Hmm mhmm."

"'k - but it was good talking to you again."

“I love you, too.”