Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not Good Enough

“Frack it!”

At least that’s what I meant to shout, but seeing that I was still in my clone pod, it only came out as an undifferentiated gurgling.

Pumps hummed, draining the pod of its amniotic fluid, the pod latch opened, and I found myself prostrate on the floor, coughing my lungs out.

But not for long. As soon my vision half-way cleared, I pulled myself up and stumbled over to my quarter’s terminal, leaving a trail of pod goo drops as I went.

What the hell had happened? I had known that tussling with this Sabre had been a dangerous idea, seeing the way he had reacted when I entered the system. But I had figured that I could make some headway - open up with a bomb, settle into an orbit outside web range, pound him with torpedoes...

It didn’t work out that way.

I already knew that I had severely underestimated the Sabre’s speed, as well as the ferociousness of its auto cannons, but that probably hadn’t been my only mistake.

The terminal beeped and served up the telemetry recording take during the brief fight. Hopefully I would find answers in there.

And then - I briefly glanced towards the hangar - I would have to figure out how to get new ships down here.

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