Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Day, Another POS

        “If there is any more cheery information to come along my way, I’ll be happy to pass it along.
          In the meantime, just think of this as on-the-job training.”

My quarter’s door slammed shut behind me, and thankfully I nearly collapsed against the solid metal of the hatch. It had been a long day after I had spotted an unexpected Rorqual in my former Alliance’s stomping grounds, and the subsequent discovery of the control tower the interlopers had erected, seemingly just to create jump clones. Not the most welcome sight when all I had planned for the day was to just update my safe spots in the area.

Funny how the alliance had been reluctant to attack the tower, despite its vulnerable state, until I had fired the first shots. Maybe my story of ‘trying to bait the owners into attacking a lone neutral, while being trapped by a large alliance gang’ had been believed, maybe it hadn’t - but in the end, they all committed. Just what I had been looking for.

My embarrassment when we got dropped by an Archon in search of an easy Dread kill and I had told the fleet to bail, only to be educated afterwards on a comm channel that a lonely, unsupported carrier could have been dead meat if only I would have taken the fight. Smarter every day, right?

And for that matter, the fact that people were essentially following my orders, those of an outsider, even if both the fleet boss and Eta had just repeated them verbatim to give them more credence… What The Heck?

But all that was irrelevant right now. If I could only make it into the kitchen to finally have some breakfast, I’d be one very happy pilot!

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